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Become an Edible Educator

Want to help the kids in your area learn to cook real food? Become an Edible Educator!


Who: There are three groups of people who are successful Edible Educators™.

  • Foodpreneurs — Serious foodies with a passion for changing how the next generation thinks about food.

  • After-school Providers — These folks love working with kids and benefit greatly from bringing the Edible Education™ experience to their program. Not only do they add a wonderful regular educational activity to their curriculum, they earn extra money for their program during the school year, and during summers too!

  • Dietitians and Health Coaches — These experienced professionals are able to couple their deep knowledge of nutrition with our proven chef-created curriculum. We not only teach them how to be chefs, we help them add hands-on cooking lessons to their sessions with adult clients, as well as hospital and aging patients.


In the Edible Educator Training classes, you will also be provided:

  • Edible Essentials 12 Month 720 page Curriculum, and our Magical + Mysterious Book explaining the why of ingredients

  • Hands on cooking basics with Chef Ann, founder of Edible Education, either in person or through Zoom. You will learn safety, sanitation, knife skills, and all the teaching tricks we know for empowering people how to cook.  This is a 10 hour hands on component.


For our Business Affiliates: 

  • Access to our marketing department and our marketing materials to ensure your message is strong and consistent with ours.

  • Access to our national list of existing clients to help you build your business.

  • Help writing grants from our experienced team to build your business further.

  • Help getting sponsorship from businesses in your area.

Adults cooking around the Cart
Chef Robin teaching kids
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