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Developed by a former Family and Consumer Science Instructor, Virginia Tech Extension agent, and certified Chef,  the Kitchen a la Cart was invented out of neccessity for the Edible Education teachers in Richmond, Virginia.  "We were tired of shlepping our stuff to the schools.  Our teachers bring all the supplies and food with them everyday and we knew there had to be a better way".   Inventor, Ann Butler   

The Kitchen a la Cart is the better solution.

#1 portable teaching kitchen in the world! Teachers and administrators love Kitchen a la cart™ because it is an exciting tool that they can use to educate students in a non-traditional manner. The cart and curriculum provide a means to use culinary arts to teach core education concepts.  The cart can be used to help students learn/understand the concept of measurements, fractions, and percentages!

Food Banks use the cart to introduce new cooking techniques to clients often receiving unknown foods.

Librarians are building maker spaces with the Kitchen a la Cart.

Universities and the Military are empowering young adults towards healthier culinary habits.

Dietitians demonstrate hands on cooking enabling clients to easier and healthier lifestyles.


Kitchen a la Cart
Kitchen a la Cart drawers
Convection Oven
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